Ratz Ass Spring Water is the latest Political Action Water from the Okanogan Highlands Bottling Company. Since our previous efforts have been to mail "Messages in a Bottle" to the Federal Government, we now focus on the source of the majority of the problems in our world: The Corporations...

Corporations are too busy making a profit to consider the collateral damage on workers, the environment, the economy and society in general. Corporations send our jobs overseas, keep the world at war, enslave workers, and destroy our planet while they control governments with huge campaign contributions. Corporations lobby our Representatives and keep government tied up in knots. The power of the private citizen is usurped by the massive influence of multinational corporations.

History shows they don't give a Ratz Ass about anything but profits. Corporations are not people. They must be held accountable for the collateral damage of their"bottom line" profit motive. Tell them to "Wake up and change priorities!" Send a CEO of your choice a bottle of Ratz Ass today.

We, the people must act to reclaim our future. Sending a message in the bottle of Rats Ass to a corporate CEO is our way of letting the corporations know that we will hold them accountable. This small act is the first step in taking back our Democracy.

We will send you 8 bottles of "Ratz Ass" anywhere in the US for $20. We will mail it Prioity Mail via USPS (the Post Office gets $10.50 of it!) Order now and give a "Ratz Ass" to your "favorite" CEO!

To the CEO of the Corporation affecting these Issues:

Corporations as People
Environmental Destruction
Education for Profit
Political Prisoners
Rampant Disease
Financial Collapse/Corruption
Corporate Dominance/Globalization
Mercenaries Hired with Tax $
Military Industrial Complex
Endangered Food
Social Decay
Nuclear Insanity
Climate Change
Corporate Media