Concern # 12: Repression

All threats to the status quo must be controlled.

For each category of concern we provide a list of issues, sample messages and the mailing address of the corporate CEOs
who need to be encouraged to Give a Ratz Ass about the damage they cause.
Drink the water, write the message, mail the bottle. Give a Ratz Ass!

Homophobia Fear of discrimination affects many LGBT people
ConAgra Foods
1 Conagra Drive
Omaha, NE 68102
INFO: Human Rights Campaign
NEWS: AG Announces Equal Treatment for Same Sex Marriage
Equal protection under the law
Immigration Immigrants are human beings that deserve respect.
U.S. Immigration
2520 SW 22nd Street, Suite 2-077
Miami, FL 33145
INFO: MIgration Policy Institute
NEWS: Humanitarian Crisis at Our Border
Immigration Reform is a key issue for human rights.
Union Busting Workers have the right to organize.
National Labor Relations Board
915 2nd Ave #2948
Seattle, WA 98174
INFO: World Movement for Democracy
NEWS: Inequality and the Case for Unions
Working people should be supported in their efforts to promote humane working conditions through Union activities.
Human Trafficking Human trafficking is a thriving criminal industry, with traffickers making billions in profits by using force, fraud, or coercion to rob victims of their freedom.

INFO: Polaris Project
NEWS: Feds investigating Idaho forestry company for possible human trafficking
Support anti-trafficking legislation.